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JCG  Foods Canada Ltd

About JCG Foods Canada Ltd.

We will be better prepared to meet the world's food supply needs today and in the future

JCG Foods bring Canola oils with omega fatty acids  for sale in food service, food processor and retail markets, it represent the "next generation" in healthier oils and the oil solution of the food industry.

JCG 100% Pure Canola Oil is a non hydrogenated, trans fat-free, no additives pure canola salad & cooking oil. Well suited for light frying, baking, as well as for salads. Kosher.

Product Description

Trans Fat-Free* 
Non Hydrogenated
No Addtives
Low In Saturated Fat
Can also be used as a Spray Oil, Griddle Oil, or for light Frying

*zero grams trans fat per serving size

*No GMO ingriendients


Canola Oil  Export


We are a leading Canola Oil Exporter in Canada  and we have an efficient network of integrated crushing and refining plants throughout Canada. 

Packaging Options

  JCG 100% Pure Canola Oil - 21 MT Flexi tank

Shipping weight: 21MT  (46297.0 lbs.)
Pack size: 1 x 23000L Flexi tank